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We publish music texts, fiction novels and a coffee table poetry/art book.

Book Fair Timeline

12 April 2024

Listening to Authors

2p David Henry - My Trumpet & Me

3p Angel Luís Figueroa - You Play Okónkolo
                                   You Play Itótele
                                   You Play Iyá

4p Ron Owen - Under The Midnight Sky

5p Leía Sky - Portfolio Book for Coffee Tables

6p Javier Diaz - Afro-Cuban Handbook

13 April 2024

Solo Performances

6p Ron Owen & the Freckle Faced country band

8p Angel Luís and his salsa/bachata orchestra

14 April 2024

Final Fair Day

3p Los Tres Caballeros

5p David Gotler Quintet

Book Fair Requirements for Author Participants

Your book must be copyrighted in your name and all persons whose name is on the copyright must be present at the book fair for booths to become available. All book entries are tallied at the front entrance and all authors should have their legal papers as proof that the work is theirs. This includes legal copyright forms and government IDs.

Book Fair Memories

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