Learning is our business.

We publish music and art text books, with the occasional coffee table poetry/art book.

Recent Releases

Los Tres Caballeros Music Anthology
 Joint release with vectorXmusic.com

Latin Percussion Study Guide
 Class Textbook by Angel Luís Figueroa

Rough Necks & Steers
 1877 Novel by Ron Owen (Country Star)

Brown Reflections
 Art by Leía Sky Figueroa
 Poetry by Angel Luís Figueroa

Interview with author Ron Owen

Paws Books Publishing Policy

We believe in the kid inside us all. Our publishing policy is that you should be able to discuss any of our books with a 9 year old. And while there certainly are adult topics that should remain that way, our company is focused on publishing books that enlighten young minds, but also the kid in all of us no matter their age. Today our youth are in desperate need of self affirmation, self reflection and peer to peer connection. We want to help heal the youthful hearts & young minds in all of us.

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